Bike stand, Universal, ALL-IN-ONE, .FRONT /REAR application.

 Bike stand, Universal.FRONT /REAR application.
 Bike stand, Universal.FRONT /REAR application.

 Bike stand, Universal.FRONT /REAR application.

ALL- IN -ONE Universal lift stand. Very handy tool for any bike enthusiasts workshop. !!

Designed for easy FRONT or REAR wheel lifting.
 - works as front or rear stand
 - simple lever design
 - 200Kgs (440 LBS) lift capacity
 - 400mm lift height
 - Interchangeable arms to accomodate different motorcycles
 - Adjustable adapnters fits 'MOST' sport bikes
 - Anti sliip & anti waer rubber pads
 - Easy assemble and dissassemble for storage
 - Powder coated finish steel tube
 - Easy maneuvering, heavy duty 75mm caster wheels.

*comes with:
 - rear splool/ bobbin hook adapters
 - rearr swing arm rubber adapters
 - front fork two pinstyle adapters

$129.90 including GST ($118.09 excluding GST)