BREMBO. Caliper 08 RHS.(and rear)

BREMBO. Caliper 08 RHS.
BREMBO. Caliper 08 RHS.BREMBO. Caliper 08 RHS.

BREMBO. Caliper 08 RHS.

*RHS - when mounted forward of fork leg. Also does rear on some models.

COMPLETE Caliper, ready to fit. Comes with brake pads, pins, dust cover, bleed nipple etc.

Does MANY Euro/ Italian bikes. Most Moto Guzzi big block/Tonti frame Front RHS AND REAR - T-T3-LM-CALIFORNIA 2-3-1100 CALIFORNIA.
Ducati - all Bevel Twin Ducati's, 650 Pantah, 750/906 Paso. Laverda, Benelli etc.
108mm mounting centres.

Moto Guzzi #17652260/14653001
Ducati # 20.3556.40079937800 .

$349.00 including GST ($317.27 excluding GST)